Henry Cunniffe

Henry Cunniffe

Assistant Director at dWELL

Pronouns: He/Him

Henry Cunniffe is an experienced mental health professional specializing in substance use disorders, “failure-to-launch syndrome,” behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders. His philosophy on recovery centers around the value of a community treatment model, with a focus on mindfulness and service to others.

In addition to his work in mental health, Henry advocates for environmental causes and is committed to promoting sustainability and advocating for resilient community building. He believes that small actions can have a big impact and he lives by the motto, “Think global, act local.”

In his free time, Henry enjoys playing soccer and chess. He’s always looking for opportunities to participate in local leagues and tournaments and to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations. He is committed to using his skills and experience to positively impact the world around him.

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