Glennd Jarrin

House Manager

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Glennd Jarrin is a Bronx native with a passion for empowering others and fostering positive change. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Lehman College, where he served as the captain of the college baseball team for two impactful years.

Glennd’s leadership experience extends beyond the sports field. Through mentoring programs, community initiatives and personal development workshops, he has dedicated his career to supporting young adults on a journey towards independence and towards reaching their full potential. 

As a former Resident Advisor at dWELL Recovery, Glennd had the opportunity to help individuals navigate through challenging times and find their path to recovery. This experience led him to reinforce his commitment to a career in supporting young adult recovery. 

As a proud Bronx native, Glennd has a deep appreciation for working with different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. He believes in fostering inclusivity and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual client.  On a personal note, he is committed to continuous self-development and believes that personal growth and self-care are essential for leading a fulfilling and meaningful existence. He is dedicated to not only to his own personal growth but also to ensuring the wellbeing of each client he works with.

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