A New Kind of Recovery
Home in New York City

We are an inclusive and gender-affirming recovery home that supports young adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns.


dWELL Recovery Home in New York City
dWELL Recovery Sober Living Residence

More Than Sober Living

Unlike many sober living residences, our community is inclusive of all genders and mental health concerns, including but not limited to substance use, eating disorders, trauma, and learning differences.

24-Hour Support

In close collaboration with each resident’s outside clinical care teams, we help clients build the skills they need to live independently and thrive into adulthood. This includes onsite drug testing, secure medication storage and compliance support, and chaperone services to and from appointments.

Comprehensive Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitians prepare daily community meals, lead weekly grocery shopping trips, and guide residents in meal planning and preparation to set them up for lifelong cooking and nutrition skills.

Unparalleled Community

Research shows that community support leads to better recovery outcomes. We encourage every resident to connect and build skills with daily evening and weekend programming, community meetings, and mentorship and alumni opportunities.

Gender Inclusive

Unlike many sober living and recovery experiences, we don’t divide our community by gender. As diverse as the city we call home, our community includes all genders and is proudly gender-affirming.

Discover Our Spaces

Located in the center of New York City's beloved Upper West Side neighborhood, dWELL Home & Transitional Living Apartments
reside in two neighboring brownstones with six-floors of unprecedented urban community space.

4 Progressive Phases of Living Support

Our tiered, step-down recovery experience ensures that each resident is prepared and
supported during their transition into independent living.

dWELL Recovery - Progressive Phases of Living Support

Orientation & Introduction

Residents have the opportunity to meet our community and get to know our neighborhood with a high level of support. Phase 1 is designed to help lay a strong foundation for new life goals and treatment routine.


Structured Skill-Building

Residents gain more autonomy as they build new skills within our supportive community. Phase 2 provides a structured environment to acclimate to newfound lifestyle choices, activities of daily living, and productive relationships.


Self-Actualization and Autonomy

Residents have developed a new toolkit of independent living skills and are preparing for transitional living. Phase 3 allows for more latitude for residents who are further along in treatment and who are engaging more with their community at large.

Recovery Community

dWELL Transitional Living Apartments

Adjacent to dWELL Home in our neighboring brownstone apartments, clients who have progressed through our integrated phases have all the benefits of the dWELL Community with a new level of independence and autonomy.

  • Targeted weekly support hours help residents hone and practice their new life skills
  • Access to dWELL’s 24/7 supportive community
  • Weekly meals and activities

We Look Forward to Meeting You

Please get in touch with us with any questions you may have.